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We all know that ADWORDS or Pay Per Click can deliver targeted visitors to any website almost instantly BUT THE COST is often prohibitive for smaller businesses.

The major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo are all experts in delivering traffic to websites via adwords and all have a plethora of proven success stories to back up their claims.


What if your business or organisation cannot afford to launch a successful adwords campaign. What if instead of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS your business can only afford hundreds of dollars for an online marketing campaign?

The online marketing experts at No BS SEO have a FANTASTIC LOW COST SOLUTION for businesses and organisations who can’t afford to spend $1,000’s of dollars on online marketing.

Having been at the forefront of online marketing, search engine optimising and website design for over 10 years No BS SEO has established a national and international network of high quality highly respected websites which attract a wide variety of unique visitors everyday. By strategically placing ads for our customers on these sites we are able to generate a constant stream of targeted traffic for our clients at will.

The volume of this traffic can be substantiated via Google Analytics or any other effective tracking software.

Whether you want Australian visitors, US visitors, Asian visitors or European visitors our referral network can and will deliver targeted unique visitors every time.

The Cost

Our targeted traffic packages start at just $330 for 10,000 unique visitors from the country or countries of your choice. There is also a once only set-up fee of $150 per client regardless of how many visitors you require or how many campaigns you purchase.

As a sign of good faith we will waive the establishment fee for your first campaign to allow you to trial our service at minimum cost.

Go to the form below and send us your details. One of our online marketing specialists will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your campaign.

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